Dear Terry,

Thank you very much for your support so far in helping to raise awareness of the actions that people need to take to be prepared should the UK leave the EU without a deal.

As you will be aware, the Prime Minister has reached an agreement with the EU on an extension to Article 50 until 31st October at the latest, with the option to leave earlier as soon as a deal has been ratified. While the information you have been sharing about actions individuals and businesses can take to prepare for the possibility of a no deal remains accurate, because no deal remains the legal default at the end of the extension period, those actions now need not be taken until later in the year. We would therefore recommend pausing the dissemination of no deal messages for the time being in order to avoid confusion.  

There is, of course, still information that it would be useful for our audiences to be aware of and we would like to continue to work with our partners to provide this and enable you to best support your customers.

In the meantime, a few changes that we have been discussing as part of the campaign have now come into effect, with new documents required irrespective of wider EU Exit negotiations which may or may not be applicable to your audience.

  • Hauliers and commercial drivers now need to register certain commercial trailers to drive internationally.
  • If individuals are planning to drive in certain countries outside the EU, they may require a new IDP. For a list of countries that will require new IDPs, please check
  • We will continue to communicate these messages and would be grateful if you could do the same where appropriate.