Toll charges on the M6 toll road are to be halved for new haulage customers as part of a campaign to help the Midlands economy recover from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The operating company, also known as M6Toll, said a 50% cut to charges for new hauliers will apply to those using the route from end to end. The cost of local journeys for all vehicles exiting at local junctions will also be slashed by half for the next three months.
The cut to the M6Toll charges is part of a campaign dubbed Let’s Get the Midlands Moving which is designed to support regional businesses and residents as they emerge from the pandemic.

The campaign has been launched by a coalition of local and regional firms, including the M6Toll and local hauliers. It is also supported by local authorities, the Freight Transport Association, the Chartered Institute of Logistics (CILT)  and Transport and the Greater Birmingham and Black Country Chambers of Commerce.

Andy Cliffe, M6toll chief executive, said: “Midlands’ businesses and their workers are the life force of the region, never standing still as they drive our economy forward.
“As we emerge from the pandemic, the M6toll is wholly committed to playing a very active part in getting Midlands’ businesses and workers moving again. The 50% discount is a pivotal element of the Let’s Get the Midlands Moving campaign. It will enable businesses and workers to quickly and reliably cut through the increasing congestion returning to the Midlands’ roads and in doing so help drive the region’s recovery.”

Nick Winder, CILT West Midlands chair, said: “It is imperative that, as we emerge as a region from lockdown, we accelerate the local economy. The Let’s Get the Midlands Moving campaign is a fantastic programme, led by the M6 toll to support and enable transport users. Midlands haulier M A Ponsonby said the cuts would make a significant impact on the company’s costs. Managing director Mike Ponsonby, said: “We are based in Hammerwich, four minutes from junction T6 on the M6 toll. For us, the M6Toll is crucial as it saves us massive amounts of time and fuel on a daily basis.

“On average we use the toll road 10 – 15 times a day for our in and outbound traffic. Most of this can be oversize loads, which is no problem at t6 with the wide load lane, so that’s another benefit to us. It’s important to get business up and running again and the Let’s Get The Midlands Moving campaign will help revive the regional economy