Review launched into future of HS2

  An “independent and rigorous review” to determine the future of the £55bn HS2 project has been announced by the UK government.  The review will consider “whether and how to proceed” with the controversial project to connect London, the Midlands and North of England...

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Suppliers must foot the bill on EU tariffs, says Lidl

Lidl Ireland has told British suppliers that is their responsibility to pay EU import tariffs after Brexit. Lidl Ireland’s contracts with suppliers contain a Delivered Duty Paid (DPP) clause, which means the cost of transporting goods, including tariffs, is the...

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Scottish Government set to take over shipyard

The Scottish Government has entered into a management agreement to operate the Ferguson shipyard. Ministers will operate the yard under an agreement with administrators, Deloitte. The Scottish Government will buy the facility in four weeks' time unless a private buyer...

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Whether we end up leaving the EU or not, organisations may be facing some strategic and/or operational issues they may need to address. They may not have enough trained staff  to examine and resolve potential problems, new legislation etc and may require additional...

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High Court highlights mobile phone law loophole

The effectiveness of legislation governing use of a handheld mobile phone while driving has been questioned by the High Court. The law says that an offence is committed if a driver uses a handheld mobile phone for “interactive telecommunication” while behind the...

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Crossrail failed to manage contractors

  Crossrail’s failure to manage effectively a high number of main contractors contributed to costs escalating by £2.8bn, according to MPs. In a report the Public Accounts Committee said between 2013 and 2018 changes and delays to the programme increased costs by more...

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HGV speed change helps increase productivity

  A Government report claims that allowing vehicles weighing more than 7.5 tonnes to travel 10mph faster has saved business millions of pounds a year and may have improved road safety. The report – Evaluation of the national HGV limit – shows that allowing heavy goods...

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